My rate for transcription is $60/hr. I do four types of transcribing:

1) Note-by-note Transcription

2) Arrangement-style Transcription (with chord symbols, rhythmic hits, and voicings)

3) Lead Sheet (melody and chord symbols)

4) Super Short Transcription (Can’t figure out what chord you’re hearing? Is the polyrhythm troubling you? Direct me to the exact spot in the recording, and we will work something out.)

You will find examples below. Let me know your style preference and deadline, and I will get back to you with an estimate.

Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing_0011.png


- Jacob Collier

Note-by-note Transcription

This is the most accurate and dense type. It’s appropriate for:

1) Full-blown arrangements

2) Improvised jazz solos

3) Classical pieces

Highland Aire (Lyle Mays Combo)-6.jpg

“Highland Aire”

- Lyle Mays

Arrangement-style Transcription

An arrangement-style transcription provides the skeleton (melodic, harmonic and rhythmic information) but leaves the interpretative details for the players.

My Man's Gone Now-1.jpg

“My Man’s Gone Now”

- Joe Henderson

Lead Sheet

A lead sheet provides musicians with the basic frame of a tune with melody and chord progression.